Our Process

How do we work for our clients?

We, Iblesoft always focus on providing quality solutions for the clients, no matter whether we are working on a small project or a bigger project.


We meet our clients

We receive inquiries through our website or through references from our existing clients. We respond to inquiries through email or phone call.

We meet our clients as per their timeline to understand more about their project. We fix an appointment with our client. One of our team managers will visit  the client’s office to know more about the project.

Business Requirement Document

Taking the requirements from the clients, our team manager will develop the business requirement document which will clearly be focused on  the specifications of the project and the timeline for the completion of the project.

Quoting the price for the project

We quote or charge as per the complexity of the project. Our pricing structure is always fair. We always, quote, taking into account how many hours or days, the project may consume.

Proceed to work for the client

Upon agreeing terms, we proceed to work for the client totally in line with the requirements of the clients. We instill in the project our innovations ideologies too, so as to make the project a great success.

Meet our team

The clients will have the chance to meet the team anytime they want to. They can have the freedom to call up anytime or let them know of the progress of their project.

Keep informed all the time

We keep our clients well informed about the project. We send the reports on day-to-day work (or as required by the client).

Tested and Approved

We carry out testing procedures to ensure quality of the project. On approval from the client, we will deliver the project.

Support Services

We are always ready to provide support services for the clients. No matter what they need the support on or when they need the support, our team of “expert support executives” will be here to answer all queries or dispel doubts about anything.

Who We Are

We, Iblesoft, are an IT Service, software development company which works for clients across the globe. Our solutions are always customer-centric and success-oriented. We present our clients “success” in the form of the services that we provide for our clients. We, with our team of talented professionals who are experts in multiple technologies, deliver solutions that can perfectly enhance our client’s business.