UI Technologies

We, IbleSoft, are experts in making use of the microsoft technologies for perfect development of windows-based applications for our clients across the globe. We know what technology to be used and what methodology to adopt in order to move on to complete the task of the development of the enterprise applications for our clients.

We have extensive amount of experience in UI interface technologies which we put to use to to enhance business operations of our clients through our quality services.

  • Windows Controls
  • Visual Styles
  • Windows Ribbon Framework
  • Windows Animation Manager
  • Desktop Window Manager
  • Windows Forms / Silverlight
  • Expression Blend 3 + SketchFlow
  • UI Automation for Managed Applications
  • Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Windows Automation API
  • Speech API
  • Magnification API
  • Resource Compiler

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There are many traditional and open source frameworks out there, But you need to pick right framework which can support your business, budget and continuity. We at Ible­soft OSPHP land many years if experience in selecting an appropriate framework to meet your business needs and goals. Here are few frameworks we are experienced at.