For big companies or enterprises, we offer solutions or work as a “solution partner” to help companies manage or maintain their level of success or reach new horizons in their business.

Building next-Gen business applications

We offer business application development services with much more focus on existing and futuristic innovational concepts of technology and business ethics. We infuse in business applications, the kind of experience, the users may look in or which can really unlock the true use of the applications.

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Applications developed by us are fully cross-checked so as to make them much more compatible no matter whether the users access through a PC or mobile devices or any other internet-enabled devices. The browser compatibility errors are 100% eliminated so as to provide quality user-experience.


ASP.NET MVC with HTML5 support

  • Extensively used for the development of customizable mobile web apps, mobilized web projects
  • CSS3 – Less script or easy coding (minatable coding)
  • Java Scripting and JQuery for perfect client-side programming
  • MVC allows Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) customizations.
  • Restful URLs are an integral part of MVC.


Single Page Application (SPA) based on ASP.NET MVC, HTML5/JavaScript, Knockout, and Breeze.

SPA, in simple words is design pattern not a framework which can be perfectly implemented by using ASP.NET MVC and JavaScript libraries like Knockout (for supporting the MVVM pattern within JavaScript) and the Breeze JavaScript library for advanced data management and JavaScript frameworks like Durandal.

Particularly used for developing highly interactive web applications or when there is a need for smooth UI updates (minimum server page reload and visible round trips) or when including significant client-side interactions using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

  • Take advantage of the open-source Signal R JavaScript client library for bi-directional communication between the client and server.
  • Consume ASP.NET Web API services from JavaScript.

HTML5 client for Light Switch projects

Mostly used for development of mobile applications or modules that are highly data-driven (CRUD [Create, Read, Update, and Delete]). The Light Switch HTML5 client is the easiest way to develop applications which comply with the browsers of any internet-enabled devices.

  • Take advantage of CSS3, JavaScript, and OSS JavaScript libraries like jQuery Mobile and themes.
  • Coupled to the end-to-end Light Switch runtime server engine which is built on top of ASP.NET.

ASP.NET Web Pages

  • Create dynamic web content with a combination of the server code with HTML by focusing more on ASP.NET Web Pages and Razor syntax


With much more focus on .NET application development, we, Iblesoft strive to make it easier for our clients to get what they are in search of for easy enhancement in their business operations through the use of the quality product development or application development services. We, Iblesoft, who are experts in the use of the .NET technology can deliver solutions for our clients which might make it possible for the clients to gain the highest level of efficiency in their business operations. Using .NET, we come up with solutions that are flexible and scalable.

Building Applications

The .NET Framework supports a full range of approaches for building applications: ASP.NET approaches for web development (Single-page application [SPA], Model-view-controller [MVC], and WebForms); ASP.NET Web API for building HTTP/REST services; Most server-side development is usually based on a .NET technology.

Technologies: When to use and why


HTTP based, REST approach, resource oriented, focuses on O Data and JSON

  • It is the preferred technology for flexible service development with the REST approaches, O Data, or JSON requirements. Try to use Web API as your first choice when evaluating which technology to use. Use any of the other technologies if Web API does not meet your needs.
  • Especially made for REST services. Embraces HTTP verbs (PUT, GET, POST, DELETE…) as the applicable drivers. Resource oriented.
  • High scalability thanks to Internet caches (Akamai, Windows Azure CDN, Level 3, and so on) based on HTTP verbs.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Decouple and flexible approach

  • Use it when you need SOAP interoperability or you want to use a non-HTTP transport.
  • WCF can use any protocol (such as HTTP, TCP, or named pipes), data formats (such as SOAP, binary, JSON,or others), and hosting processes.
  • This technology works best for RPC-style (task/command-oriented) services and for enterprise interapplication communications. REST is possible but not preferred here.
  • Good fit to use with the Microsoft Service-Bus (in Windows Azure or Windows Server) and AppFabric hosting and monitoring

WCF Data Services

Data-driven Services

  • Use when your services are data/resource-oriented and mostly CRUD and data-driven.
  • Supports O Data only. Straightforward to use but offers less flexibility and control than using ASP.NET Web API.
  • Shares the same O Data core libraries with ASP.NET Web API.

Workflow Services

Workflow-based approach for building services

  • Use if your service logic is internally a Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) workflow. Externally, this is really a WCF service.
  • Workflow Services has all the benefits and characteristics of WCF and WF, but is coupled to WCF.

Signal R

ASP.NET Signal R library

  • Use for real-time functionality on the client side.
  • This approach enables your server-side code to push content to connected clients in real time and at high scale, even with millions of users.
  • It is HTTP- and Web Sockets-based. It can be consumed from JavaScript in browser clients, .NET native Windows clients and server-side events, and long polling.

Light Switch O Data Services

O Data and REST approach, resource oriented, easy way to build data-driven services

  • Use it if your client app is a Light Switch app or for simple standalone and data-driven O Data services.Visually model your data and Light Switch will automatically create the services.
  • It is O Data-based. Services consumption client libraries are the same.
  • Coupled to Light Switch server engine, O Data (Open Restful Data Protocol), XML, JSON, and HTTP.
  • Less flexible than Web API and WCF, but requires no coding.


We, Iblesoft, always have our eyes on where today’s technology is heading towards. We offer our clients solutions which perfectly match their requirements and of course, in correlation to the latest trends in the technology so that our clients do not lag behind the time. We develop products or solutions for our clients which perfectly address their business needs and which help clients in acquiring success in their business operations.