Looking forward to collaborate with us? Well, we would be glad to collaborate with you too.

Partnership with Iblesoft

We must say we owe much of our success in business to our partners. We always look for partners and offer our partners benefits which they would love to get.

We offer quality partner programs for our partners

Getting into partnership with us, our partners can reap a large number of benefits. They can really have the option to reach new horizons in their business and be successful instantly.

We share our success with our partners

We always expect our partners to help us excel in our sphere of business and help us gain success. Our partners have the choice to work on our projects or bring projects for us. We always look for long-term relationship with our partners who share a common vision and mission with us.

Our partnership programs

We offer following partnership programs for our partners.

  • Strategic Partners
  • Alliance Partners
  • Sales Associates

The benefits of partnering with Iblesoft

  • Experienced professionals with expertise in various technologies
  • Experience of working on large-scale projects
  • Extension of IT resource in India
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Unparalleled track record of developing successful solutions
  • Exceptional quality in services being offered
  • 24/7 technical support

Partners will receive the following support

  • Access to Commission Report and Project Status reports
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Marketing & PR Materials

Strategic Partner

We, IbleSoft, offer strategic partnership programs for the leading product companies who focus primarily on value-added performance in implementation and support. Our strategic partner program will be focused more on designing and developing products, developing customized solutions, product marketing and other product related services. Together, we can provide top quality services for clients across the globe.

What can be the benefits for our partners?

  • High monetary benefits
  • Flexible working hours
  • Technical support is provided
  • Growth opportunities

Alliances Program

We must say here that our alliance with the most leading IT companies help us in providing quality solutions for our clients across the globe.

If you are looking for more and more efficient and enhancement in your business processes then it is time that you get into Alliance Program with us which can effectively lead to great success in business. We, along with our partners, focus on providing highly scalable enterprise solutions with avant-garde technology. Our services include the following: enterprise resource planning, custom application development, customer relationship management, business process outsourcing, business intelligence, contact-center management etc. Our main goal is to create ways for the success of our clients by designing, building, or deploying the most trusted solutions which can bring higher Returns on Investment (ROI).

Our Alliances Charter

Partner Recruitment: We recruit qualified partners to provide quality solutions for our clients which can bring a great value for their investment.

Partner Management: We work towards building the relationship with our partners by providing a large number of benefits for our partners.

Benefits of working with Iblesoft

  • Higher monetary benefits
  • Flexible working hours
  • Provide necessary help in marketing our services
  • Support services are offered 24/7
  • Growth opportunities

Sales Associates

Our sales associates can reap a lot of benefits by working for us. The main role of our sales associates would be to increase sales for Iblesoft. We are ready to enroll sales associates from any part of the world. We look forward to a strengthening relationship with our sales associates by providing them what all help they may require. We expect our sales associates to be well-versed in communication and presentation. Sales associates who have a strong network of connections in the IT field will be preferred.

Benefits of working with IbleSoft

  • High-commission based job
  • Marketing support will be extended
  • Flexible work schedule
  • High potential for growth
  • Learning opportunity


We, Iblesoft, have been working towards success in business for our clients for years now. We are an IT company with a clear mission to help clients succeed through our innovative business solutions. We streamline our clients’ business processes by implementing our highly strategized customer-centric approach to development of business applications. We always provide solutions which can facilitate the growth in our client’s business.