ASP.NET is a development framework which is extensively used for building web pages and web sites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server scripting.

It supports three different development models – Web Pages, MVC (Model View Controller), and Web Forms.


MVC is a framework for building web applications using a MVC (Model View Controller) design. It is particularly used for flexible and scalable web applications, smart applications etc.


There are a large number of Javascript frameworks out there, but still JQuery is widely used. JQuery can simply be defined as “write less, do more”, JavaScript library. JQuery facilitates easy use of the Javascript on websites. It also simplifies a lot of complex things from Javascript, which include but not limited to just AJAX call and DOM Manipulation.


“AngularJS” is an open-source JavaScript framework, maintained by Google. It is a highly structured framework for dynamic web apps. It can let the programmers use HTML as template languages and extend HTML syntax to express application components clearly and precisely.

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Microsoft .Net Technologies

.NET is an integral or inseparable part of various types of applications that run on Windows. .NET framework is extensively used today to build and run next-Gen applications and XML web services. We, Iblesoft, are highly experienced in making use of the .NET technology to fulfill product development or web development requirements of our clients. Our team of professionals who breathes in .NET technology is adept at creating innovative solutions for clients across the globe.