Development Methodologies

Iblesoft, with its team of experienced professionals, takes up the most results-oriented development methodologies for perfectly developing the solutions that which our clients require. The Methodologies we follow include the following:

Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development is a methodology that which we, Iblesoft, put to use for creative processes which may require utmost flexibility. We apply a level of pragmatism into the delivery of the products that which we design for our clients. We keep the code simple, test often, deliver functional bits or fragments of the applications as we develop. We take the approval of the clients on parts being developed. (Here, unlike delivering the whole project and then taking the approval from the client).

Test-driven Development (TDD)

Test-driven Development (TDD) is a software development process that is based on repetition of the short development cycle. Before implementing new features, it is assessed whether the existing design enables the addition of the new functionality or not. First, the test is carried out and if not, then the changes are brought into the design (refactor it totally to change the portion of the design which may get affected by the new design) as to enable it to adapt the functionality that which is going to be added.

Behavior-driven Development (BDD)

This Behavior-driven development is much more depended on TDD (test-driven development). This methodology involves the use of the general techniques of the TDD, more focus but with a much more focuseded software tools to on complete analysis, collaboration of the tasks (for perfect design output). There can be the use of the specialized software tools to analyze, track behavioral changes during the development of the software product or application.

We, Iblesoft, take up the methodologies as per the requirements of our clients or we are ready to work as per the business model of our clients.

Microsoft .Net Technologies

.NET is an integral or inseparable part of various types of applications that run on Windows. .NET framework is extensively used today to build and run next-Gen applications and XML web services. We, Iblesoft, are highly experienced in making use of the .NET technology to fulfill product development or web development requirements of our clients. Our team of professionals who breathes in .NET technology is adept at creating innovative solutions for clients across the globe.