Data Development

Iblesoft, with a team of talented professionals who are adept at multiple technological platforms, can offer trusted solutions when it comes to data solutions. We are highly experienced in various data development technologies within Microsoft’s data platform.

Language-Integrated Query (LINQ): LINQ can offer a convenient way to execute queries against data resources of any kind which include but not just limited to CLR objects, XML, classes generated by the Entity Framework (LINQ to Entities). And DataSet objects in ADO.NET (LINQ to DataSet).

EF (Entity Framework): Use of the entity framework is always recommended. When you are looking for quality setup procedures then this can really facilitate to a limitless extent. In comparison to relational databases, Entity Framework can really make it easier to provide strongly typed LINQ data access experience. This framework automatically generates lightweight .NET classes to map exactly in line with relational databases structures (even mapping and entity data model (EDM) can also be controlled or customized as required.

ADO.NET: ADO.NET, rightly an evolution of ADO, really provides better platform interoperability and scalable data access.

ADO.NET provides consistency when it comes to, accessing data sources which include Microsoft SQL Server or other data sources through OLE DB and XML. It can be easier to retrieve, manipulate and modify data through data sharing consumer applications which are built on ADO.NET. ADO.NET uses generic XML representations which can provide a convenient method for effective transmission of the data across any network (here even those networks are also included which have restrictive parameters). ADO.NET also uses XML tools via which it can be easier to perform various tasks with a much more focused on hierarchical queries, validation or data transformation on rational data.

SQL Server: SQL, a relational database management system, makes it easier for the data storage or data retrieval tasks. Our experience in SQL server technology (past and present server technologies) is just simply unmatchable.

Iblesoft, with its team of certified Microsoft technology professionals, can provide you the solutions you most needed for effective enhancement of your business operations. Just, get in touch with us today.


Microsoft .Net Technologies

.NET is an integral or inseparable part of various types of applications that run on Windows. .NET framework is extensively used today to build and run next-Gen applications and XML web services. We, Iblesoft, are highly experienced in making use of the .NET technology to fulfill product development or web development requirements of our clients. Our team of professionals who breathes in .NET technology is adept at creating innovative solutions for clients across the globe.