Application Development

Our clients can expect us to provide quality application development services. We, with our team of Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists, can provide robust application development solutions, no matter how small or big your requirements are.


NET Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF): When it comes to desktop applications and graphics-intensive scenarios then the most preferred technology is WPF. If you are looking for exceptional applications with more focus on UI complexity, ideal customization and graphics-intensive scenarios than WPF can really be relied on. It is even easier to carry out migration from WPF to Windows Store Apps than from Windows Forms.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF): Purposefully used to carry out non-HTTP transport or when you need SOAP interoperability. WCF uses any protocol (which include HTTP, TCP, or named pipes), data formats (such as SOAP, binary, JSON, or others) and hosting processes. This technology is always best suited for RPC-style (task/command-oriented) services and for enterprise inter-application communications.

WCF Data Services: Particularly used in most of the data-oriented or data-driven applications. It supports OData. It can simplify the process of development, but can offer lesser flexibility and control than ASP. NET Web API.

Workflow Services: Use if your service logic is internally Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). Externally, this is really a WCF service.

Microsoft .Net Technologies

.NET is an integral or inseparable part of various types of applications that run on Windows. .NET framework is extensively used today to build and run next-Gen applications and XML web services. We, Iblesoft, are highly experienced in making use of the .NET technology to fulfill product development or web development requirements of our clients. Our team of professionals who breathes in .NET technology is adept at creating innovative solutions for clients across the globe.